Main Activities

Conferences, Symposia, and Invited Addresses

The German Association of Media Effects Research (DGMF) regularly participates, with members or representatives of the Executive Council, in events of the “Landesmedienanstalten”, in media fairs, in conferences and congresses, in symposia on the results of media effects research, and in other events suitable to bring these results to public attention. Furthermore, the DGMF regularly organizes conferences and congresses, to which experts from the German but also international media research are invited. Corresponding to the aim of facilitating internal and external communication in the field, these events are organized in such a way that they offer topics, which are of importance for the scientific community as well as for the public at large. Doing this, the aim of a quick knowledge-transfer from research to media practice and to the public shall be taken into account.

The conferences and congresses regularly attracted between 200 and 300 scientists during the last years. A multitude of sponsors form the media has supported the objectives of the DGMF with donations. Up to now, the following conventions have taken place:

  1. Fachtagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medienwirkungsforschung e.V. (DGMF) „Medienpsychologie – Medienwirkungsforschung“ Location: Universität Eichstätt, 1.-4. April 1996
  2. Fachtagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medienwirkungsforschung e.V. (DGMF) „Die Medienwirkungsforschung vor der Jahrtausendwende – Stand und Perspektiven“, veranstaltet gemeinsam mit dem Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels und der Universität Frankfurt Location: Universität Frankfurt sowie Messehallen der 50. Internationalen Buchmesse, 4.-7. Oktober 1998
  3. Fachtagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medienwirkungsforschung e.V. (DGMF) „Medienwirkungsforschung 2000“ Location: Universität Hohenheim, 1.-2. Oktober 2000
  4. Fachtagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medienwirkungsforschung e.V. (DGMF) in Kooperation mit der European Communication Association (ECA) „European Communication Congress 2003“ Location: Hochschule für Philosophie München, 24.-26. März 2003

Since 2004, the DGMF regularly initiated invited addresses on media effects research on larger and international congresses, and supported the participation of students and young researchers at international meetings. Major topics are youth media research, training of media competence, health communication, online/computer addiction, visual learning/communication, (research) ethics and media, and mediated interactivity.

Expert Search

The association is equipped with an extensive expert card index and recommends experts of different branches of media effects research for events of all sorts. It also helps with the search for an expert or the search for information about new research results.

Media Consultancy

The experts of the DGMF regularly offer expert advice and consultancy to national and international bodies in politics, science, and in the media (e.g., deutscher Wissenschaftsrat, Deutscher Bundestag, verschiedene TV-Sender, verschiedene Internetunternehmen).