The DGMF e.V.

The „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medienwirkungsforschung e.V.“ (DGMF) was founded in summer 1995 as non-profit association. Experts from media research and media practice were looking for a new presentation and distribution platform of empirical research results in communication and media science. According to the initiators, especially the rapidly growing field of empirical quantitative research needed continuous discussion inside and outside the scientific community.
The promotion of empirical research in the media field, as well as public enlightenment concerning the media effects are therefore central aims of the statutes of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medienwirkungsforschung e.V.”. This purpose of the statutes shall be realized by concrete means of facilitation of media effects research (organization of conferences, congresses, and symposia; facilitation of publications, etc.) and by increasing public relations that shall serve the information and enlightenment about this socio-politically important research field.

Thus, the tasks for the DGMF are